Free Halloween Printables!


It’s finally October! Today I’m finishing up my decorating: hanging the webs, plotting the scares, and getting in the spirit while watching some Goosebumps. How do you get in the spirit?

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Printable Paper Carousel by RavensBlight

I wanted to take a break to share some projects I recently found on RavensBlight that I’m very excited about. There’s a ton of free spooky printables (paper toys, board games, decor, etc.), I just can’t get enough of them. Some do get a little complicated, so I’d recommend adult supervision/assistance (and some patience). I also recommend printing on card stock paper. I’m planning on sealing mine to make them last longer (and easier to clean). Be careful with water based sealers, as they may make the colors run/bleed. I haven’t sealed them yet, so I’ll edit this once I’ve done some testing.

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Tooth and Claw, Printable Paper Game by RavensBlight

Here’s one project in particular that’s easy to make, a dice game, “Tooth and Claw.” Everything is flat with the exception of the dice, making it pretty quick to print and play (prints 4 pages). About the game: It’s monster versus monster in a 2 player dice battle. It’s a quick, fun, easy to learn game that will be perfect for Halloween parties. The dice are pretty sturdy and look great assembled, but you can also just use some D8’s (8 sided dice) to simplify the project.

I’m planning on making the Carousel next, I can’t wait to see the outcome.

Image Credit: All images are copyright by Ray O’Bannon of RavensBlight
Note: This entry is not sponsored, or endorsed by RavensBlight. I just really enjoy this website, and thought you might too 🙂